Saisei Releases New Single - Hachiman



Saisei is going into battle with their new single. Hachiman marks a new era for the band.

Two months since their latest release, "Sink in Sin (Re-Imagined)", Saisei is back with their new single, entitled "Hachiman", which is the first track from their upcoming EP.

"Hachiman" tells the tale of the revered deity who was the god of war in ancient Japanese religion, mixing brutal downtuned riffs with electronic elements and different styles of vocalists.



Produced by Thanos Galanis, Dimitris Pasas
Music by Thanos Galanis
Lyrics by Dimitris Pasas
Stathis' Vocal Recordings at Brooklyn Paradise Studio
Dionysis' Vocal Recordings at Home Music Productions
Mixed by Dimitris Radis
Mastered by Apostolis Siopis
Artwork by Graphic no Jutsu 


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