Saisei Releases New Single - Sink in Sin Reimagined

 A month since their first track release, Saisei is back with a new single, which is indicative of their willingness to experiment and discover new aspects of themselves as artists.

At the end of January, Saisei released their first original track "Sink in Sin", now counting over 10,000 streams across all platforms in less than 5 weeks. You can listen to "Sink in Sinhere.

Due to positive feedback from listeners and the extensive reach of the song, Saisei decided to create a reimagined version of Sink in Sin, through which also introduces us to their new singer Stathis Stathopoulos.

You can watch the official video clip for “Sink in Sin Re-Imaginedhere


Sink in Sin (ReImagined)


"Sink in Sin is a track about the mistakes we all make and how they slowly drag us down even if when we’re fully aware of them. There are moments in our lives when even though we are conscious of our psychological problems, we are unable to do anything about them, thus accepting them and sink into this vast horrid loop day by day"

"The positive feedback of the song gave us the idea for a reimagined take on the track. However, we did not want it to be just another acoustic version. Through this reimagined version we aimed to intensify the feeling the song evokes."


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