Saisei Releases New Single - Saisei Goes Punk! feat. Kellin Quinn


Saisei are back in full swing, this time with Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens, with their new single "Saisei Goes Punk!". A fresh pop-punk anthem with strong hooks and hyperpop elements.

“Saisei Goes Punk” is available for streaming and downloading on all digital platforms. Have a go at it and get swept away by Saisei’s energy and Kellin Quinn’s legendary voice.

Saisei’s new release brings them one step closer to the announcement of their upcoming album.

Saisei first album artwork


  1. The Changeling
  2. F.M.L.T.
  3. Machinations On Central
  4. Impetus
  5. Better Alone
  6. Saisei Goes Punk! (feat. Kellin Quinn) (Sleeping with Sirens)
  7. Swan
  8. Lethargic

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