Saisei Releases New Single - Impetus


Saisei release their new single "Impetus"!

Saisei are back in full swing with their new single "Impetus", an explosive track that is a precursor to their highly anticipated self-titled album.

Modern sound, new standards

The band adopts a more modern and rich sound, setting new standards in the local metalcore scene.

Amalgamation of EDM and metalcore

"Impetus" mixes catchy melodies, heavy guitars, synths and breakdowns, creating a unique sonic landscape that will captivate metalcore fans, as well as those looking for a more contemporary dynamic musical experience.
Don’t miss it!
"Impetus" is available for streaming and downloading on all digital platforms.

Listen to it and let yourself be swept away by Saisei's energy and passion

The highly anticipated album "Saisei" is currently in production and the release date will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Saisei first album artwork


1. The Changeling
2. F.M.L.T.
3. Machinations On Central
4. Impetus
5. Better Alone
6. Saisei Goes Punk! feat Kellin Quinn (Sleeping with Sirens)
7. Blue Sky Poise
8. Lethargic


Mixing Engineer: Dimitris Radis
Mastering Engineer: Apostolos Siopis
Recording Engineers: Dimitris Radis, Vagelis Chamilothoris, Stamatis Zografos


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