Saisei 再生 Live at An Club, Athens GR

An Club presents one of the most important events of the Athenian local music scene. On Saturday, September 16, four up-and-coming bands from the broader Metalcore scene  are going to give it their all on the legendary music stage.


  • Saturday, September 16, 2023 at An Club
  • Tickets cost €10 (Hard copy tickets will be available at the entrance)
  • Doors: 20:00

 Seasons AC

Seasons AC is a 5-piece melodic hardcore punk band from Athens. The band has been active since 01/03/2015 where they held their first headline show in Athens.

Several shows in Greece followed to support the release of their first EP "4", including 2 other headline shows as well as opening for several top-tier artists (While She Sleeps, The Amity Affliction, Caliban, Deez Nuts). The band has released 2 more digital singles (BLACK, Petrichor) and a full length album (SALUTE & LONGLIVE)


Till Silence Breaks

Till Silence Breaks is a 5-piece post-metalcore band from Athens. In 2021 they released their first EP, titled "Outcast", which recalibrated their approach towards a more modern metal and post metalcore genre. Strong riffs and breakdowns, musical depth and ambient layers are their signature sound. They started playing shows at the end of 2022,  including the stages of An Club and Kyttaro Live Stage. They’re currently working on their first album entitled "I'm gonna tell God everything", which they have released 4 singles off of.



After several successful singles, Saisei return with their first album, which is expected towards the end of 2023, The album will exhibit the band’s willingness to experiment and discover new aspects of themselves.

Their bio states that the band symbolizes more than a musical project - it is the fundamental idea that connects the band members to each other and to the audience they are trying to reach. It has a special meaning, as implied by the actual translation of the Japanese word Saisei ("rebirth", "second chance"). Beneath the superficial, lurks the notion that our collective past, regrets and mistakes, as well as the small, daily, personal struggles we go through, have shaped us and therefore, transformed into our assets.

The message they want to convey has the power to connect anyone who espouses these values, and they express it through their songs and music.


Kiss Me Cleopatra

Kiss Me Cleopatra is a five-piece electronic metalcore band from Athens. The band was formed in early 2022 with the ultimate goal of bringing a fresh sound to the scene. Mixing electronic sounds, symphonic and even orchestral, Kiss Me Cleopatra deliver the party aspect of the metalcore sound. You can expect heavy breakdowns, nostalgic pop choruses and groovy dance breaks. With their latest release "You Know What Milena, Let's Forget Everything About Last Night" establishing the signature image of the band and their hit "Go To Sleep, Sleepypuff" receiving thousands of streams and recognition from a global audience, Kiss Me Cleopatra are here to supply what is missing from the scene today.

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